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14) Herbert Zauhar 
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Tuesday, March 23, 2004 04:45 Send E-mail

WW II: On the Battle Route from Belgium to Linz/Austria the 11th Armored Division reached on the way from Cham, Regen to Waldkirchen the area of TITTLING at the last days of april 1945.
Tittling ist a small market town between Passau and Grafenau. Nearby other villages and towns are Freyung, Hutthurm and Waldkirchen.
After the last combats US-forces were based in Tittling too.
The commune of Tittling is looking forUS-photos of this time for the municipal archive. Who can help us?
Markt Tittling, Marktplatz 10, 94104 Tittling, Germany/Bavaria
Herbert Zauhar

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