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141) Thomas Bliss Jr. MCPO, USN RET 
Tallahassee, FL Location
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Saturday, September 11, 2004 09:07 Send E-mail

My father was with the Thunderbolts from the beginning with 41st Calvary Recon SQuadron mechanized as a Sgt Tank Driver. Reading the Thunderbolt magazine as a child and remembering him and his buddies attending a convention in Cherry Hill New Jersey has remained an indelible thought, especially playing afrmy with his old uniforms. Fortunately, I love the water and the Navy. He was from Philly and he ofter commented about one of his old buddies from the Ozarks calling him around the Christmas holidays. If anyone remembers Tom Bliss, SGT, 11th/41st Calvary, would like to hear from ya. I am in the phone book.

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