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1554) Harvey Carlson 
Welch, MN Location
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Sunday, February 28, 2010 13:51 Send E-mail

My dad C.Albert (Swede) Carlson was in an M8 armored car with the 41st Calvary
Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized.Some
of his buddies were Fred Till, Dick Smith, Bob Danburg, Vaughn(?)Miller,
Carl(?)Fredrickson. I have studied WWII extensively and would welcome any info on my Dad's experience. Thank You veterans for serving!

Tera Major-Ramirez Wednesday, April 27, 2011 16:56

I was on the 11th Armored Divisions website, scrolling through the messages. My name is Tera Major and my grandfather is Marvin Estes. He served in the 41st Cavalry Division Reconnaissance Squadron, during WW2; (troop A).

The reason I am contacting you is because I started to write his memoirs of the war for my College Senior Thesis Project. Him and I are still working on the memoirs ( I am very lucky to still have him :) and he mentioned your father. He called him Carl Carlson. He said that he fit the mold of a typical "Swede" (which is funny because my grandpa married a "Swede" :) and he said that he was a Radio-Man Extraordinaire. He said that he had a great sense of humor and he was a great and loyal companion who was well-liked by all; especially him :)

If you are interested in is memoir, I will email you a PDF copy, we are still in the bare bones of it but it is coming along. 41 pages so far and counting. I hope this helps you.



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