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1564) Jabier Tom 
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 14:53 Send E-mail

On 8 May, 65th anniversary of the first link-up with the Russian Army by the U.S. Third Army.

When the 11th Armored arrived at the Demarcation line along the Inn River, the 41st Cav was sent to make contact with the Russians. It was needed some coordination between Armies to avoid friendly fire. On 8 May 1945 the 41st arrived at Amstetten among columns of retreating Germans. Some Russian planes dropped bombs in the town and Germans and Americans had to run for cover. Then, the first Russians arrived and the historical meeting took place. While the Allies celebrate the link-up some of the biggest German panzers went through Anstetten and run towards Strengberg trying to escape from the Soviet Army. The meeting was filmed, but the following day. The soldiers had to repeat the link-up until it looked nice to the cameraman.

I would like to gather all the information related to the meeting, competition with other units to be the first, relations with the Russians or the mood in those days. If anyone is interested I will send him what I have found until now.

Regards, Jabier

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