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1636) Baerbel Schrage Coulson 
Phoenix, Arizona Location
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Saturday, November 20, 2010 01:40 Send E-mail

Hello, I am so excited to find your website tonight and read it from front to back to find information about a medical person or a doctor who had been(believe in spring of 1945) with his unit in Nussdorf a. Attersee, Austria. At that time I was 3 years old and lived there with my mother Annemarie Schrage, a sister, and a brother. We were evacuated during the war from Germany to Nussdorf. I was told that I had been very, very ill and the American soldier by the first name "Ted" had saved my life, because he had the right medication I needed. We children called him "Uncle Ted". It is sad that I don't know his last name. All my life I wished to meet "My American Hero" to thank him and to let him know my appreciation. Hopefully someone knows him or of him and can help me. I don't know much about him, just the story I have been told for many years. He also gave us a patch of the "11th Armored Division" which is lying next to me while I write. In great appreciation and in the hope someone can be of help. Baerbel Schrage Coulson. PS. I do live now in Arizona.

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