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1649) William Harwell 
Fort Worth, Texas Location
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(1649) Lt. Alden C. Harwell, B Co, 55th AIB, 11th AD, was my uncle. He was 3rd of 4 children. My father, William H. :Tass" Harwell, was the 4th and youngest. In the left photo, l to r: Tass, Blanche, Bess, and Alden. Blanche was the oldest. The right photo shows Alden with his wife, Lema. Alden, my dad, and several of their friends in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, joined the Army together in June 1942. Alden was the only one who returned. He sustained a severe knee injury during an attack in the latter half of Feb 1945, and was eventaully shipped home.

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