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215) Jeff McDiffett 
Topeka, Kansas Location
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Tuesday, December 28, 2004 15:16 Send E-mail

My Father, Kenneth E. McDiffett, was a radio operator on a half-track with the 11th Armored. He never spoke much of specifics, but I do remember him speaking of meeting Russian soldiers, his commanding officer getting mad at him for shuting down the radio, the weapon he carried (M-1 Carbine), seeing a concentration camp and the German pistol he got and carried in a holster he had made in Austria.

My Father died a few years ago. He battled alzheimer's for about ten years before it took him at the age of 80. He also had heart problems for over twenty years. My mother, Virginia, (still living at home) stood by him through the war years, and the medical struggles that followed. They have both given up much for their country and for this I am extremely thankful and proud.

For those of you that have had similar experiences as my parents, you have my greatest respect. Thank you for your service, sacrifices, and the opportunities you have provided for my generation.

Kenneth E. McDiffett's oldest son,
Jeff McDiffett

My mother knows more specifics about my father's service and has many photos of my father and his buddies and letters that he wrote to her when he was overseas.

patricia wadsworth Sunday, April 10, 2005 19:34
hey i meet ur dad one time but he seemed to be a nice guy.

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