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218) Dean D 
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Monday, January 3, 2005 18:36 Send E-mail

I never really got to meet my great uncle. His name was Lester T. Stauff. As much as i would have liked to meet him i never really got the chance...i wish i had. He died i think sometime in the 1990's and i wish that i had met him. I am only 14 years old. I respect him so much even though i never met him. I would have loved to meet him. His wife, my great aunt, passed away recently. December 21, 2004. It saddens me that she could not wait just four more days. When we went to her house to get some stuff i found out who my great uncle was. He was a hero just like everyone else who fought in WWII. My father was able to get one of his three purple hearts and one of his bronze stars. I manged to get the flag that was placed on his coffin at his funeral. I also got a plaque of his purple heart. There was one story of my uncle that i know about that i think is quite comical. One day Lester T. Stauff was riding in his tank with his hand on the top sticking out of the cockpit thing with a piece of cheese in it. ZING! A german sniper shot the cheese right out of his hand. I really wish that i had been able to meet my great uncle Lester. If you knew him please email me so that i could learn more about him...

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