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222) Tricia Goyer 
Kalispell, Montana Location
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 00:24 Send E-mail

Hi friends!

I hope all of you know that my second novel (concerning the 11th Armored Division) has hit store shelves! Night Song takes place through the war, through the eyes of an 11th Armored Medic. It's getting great reviews. Check it out a

And if you haven't read From Dust and Ashes, check that out too!

Also, I have a GREAT idea! I am saddened every time I read about another 11th Armored Division Veteran passing away. You guys need to be honored for what you've done, while you're still around to enjoy it! (Don't worry I'll be signing your praises for the next 50 years!)

We all know that this year is the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII. Wouldn't it be great if the story of the division, your push through Europe and the liberation of Mauthausen and Gusen camps becomes known to a younger generation? We cannot let these stories be lost!

I'd love to see the 11th Armored Division get media attention on May 5, 2005--60 years after the liberation of Mauthausen. My idea is to get the story on the show most popular with the younger generations--Oprah! What do you think?

If you're willing. Write OPRAH and share YOUR story. Tell about YOUR personal experiences. About Mauthausen. About the Division. About the reunions. About the trip to Europe this spring. And if you'd like, share about how these stories are being shared with a younger generation through my novels.

The address to write an email to OPRAH is:

Also, spread the word! Have your friends and family members write too!

Do you think if we all shared that we might get noticed?

I love you guys!!! You are my heroes!

Tricia Goyer

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