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2227) John Wastle 
Scotland Location
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012 06:17 Send E-mail

I wonder if you could post this request on your visitors page. There is a Facebook Group called.... GI & Family International Search, currently with 240+ members, worth joining to help others search for lost family.

This Facebook Group has quite a few researchers and helpers in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada that are helping others around the world who are searching
for their GI Dad and the siblings their GI Dad left behind.

Because of the privacy that surrounds people's searches, the group goes to some length to try and maintain its members safety and security and try and
stop those from joining who may have other ulterior motives.

Should you wish to join this group, you can go to the Facebook Group... GI & Family International Search, and join there. Alternatively you can also find us on

Where you can read about the Facebook Group and where there is a direct Facebook link to the Group where you can apply to join.

The Group does not use pseudonyms within the group, members need to know who they are conversing with. The use of this approach is again to help ensure
that the security, privacy and safety of our members is maintained.

TRhanks John.

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