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2255) Susan Hooper 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Location
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Thursday, January 31, 2013 00:30 Send E-mail

Dear Dan O'Brien: This is an extremely belated thank you for your wonderful response to my query about my father, Henry L. Hooper. (See #590 in June 2012.) I confess that I checked this site sporadically shortly after I posted my query and then completely forgot to check for several months after that. I was speechless (with pride) when I finally saw your response. We celebrated the centennial of my father's birth on 1/25/13, and your information really helped my brother and me tell our father's story to my nephews, ages 14 and 17, who never had the chance to meet him. I did wonder what "Company Commander of Headquarters Company" means. Could you shed any additional light, if you have a chance? Thank you again so much for everything you do to maintain this website and keep alive the memory of these courageous men (and women, if there were any!). With my very best wishes, Susan Hooper

Dan O'Brien Wednesday, February 6, 2013 19:17
Dear Susan:
During overseas deployment, the 11th Armored Division was first commanded by Brigadier General Charles S. Kilburn. In March, 1945, he was replaced by Major General Holmes E. Dager, who served as Division Commander until the Division was disbanded in Austria August, 1945. The Division Commander and his staff were served and supported by an administrative unit which was designated as Division Headquarters Company. Captain Henry L. Hooper was in command of that unit. I know this sounds confusing, but I hope it helps.


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