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2271) Kurt Fasching 
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 00:24 Send E-mail


My grandfather was Sgt Joseph Sweeney, 11th Armored, 41st Recon Squadron, B Troop.

I have many photos of his that were state side before the 11th went overseas. If you are interested, please send me a message.

I was also honored enough to attend a reunion a few years ago in Chicago where I had the opportunity to talk to Don Behm and George Sherman, who were replacements just before the Battle of The Bulge. I spoke with both of these men for a few hours and was just beside myself as they told me their experiences throughout the war. I was amazed to find that Don was the tank commander that "bumped" the gates of Mauthausen open when it was liberated.

I also met James Lichman who was a survivor of Mauthausen and now great friends with both Don and George.

Thank you all for everything you sacrificed. We can never repay you for the things you endured to help free this world of such an unspeakable evil.
Thank you again.

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