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2279) James Fagan 
New Jersey Location
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Sunday, March 31, 2013 15:19 Send E-mail

Hello everyone, I am trying to find out more about my grandfather. He past away in 1966 when my mother was only 13 years old. I have his uniform and dis-charge papers. But would like some more info, if anyone knew him.

He had three girls, and never spoke of the war with anyone.

I know limited info about him, He was s/sgt Fritz Witkiewicz. 11th Armored, 42nd Tank bat. I do not know which company. He was wounded in the Ardennes, Jan 15th 1945, and recieved the purple heart. He had been with the 42nd since its formation. Joined the national guard after the war.
Born and raised in New Jersey.

If anyone knew the man, Me and my mother would love to hear. Thank you.

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