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2318) Ken Brack 
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Monday, July 8, 2013 17:01 Send E-mail

Veterans and relatives of 11th Armored Division members,

I am a writer researching the role of two troops (D and A) of the 41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized, who liberated the Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps in May of 1945.

I have a partial list of these troop veterans and am first trying to confirm and compile the members, and contact their relatives and those few surviving. My goal is to tell their stories, focusing mostly on their experience liberating the camps, in a fitting tribute.

Accounts of these experiences whether oral histories, memoirs, letters, news articles, or remembrances from family members would be invaluable. I'd be most grateful for any help or tips in this regard.

Currently I am in contact with (Sgt.) Harry Saunders of Port Angeles, WA, and have names of 9 other members of Troop D. I'm hoping to reach a relative of Staff Sgt. Albert J. Kosiek, of Chicago.

For Troop A, my starting point and main person of interest is Andrew Ferrara (would to confirm his role), of Hackensack, NJ. I have names of about 7 other members. Is there anyone with knowledge of Mr. Ferrara and others who could help?

Thanks very much -
Ken Brack

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