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237) Bob Roemer 
Winnetka, IL Location
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 13:10 Send E-mail

As a retired Armor officer (1975-1995) and a dyed-in-wool sports car racer, I noticed with interest that elements of the 11AD over-ran a 200-bed German field hospital in the town of Nurburg, the home of the famous N?rburgring race track, on or about 7 March 1945.

Are there any Thunderbolt veterans out there who could shed some more light on this operation? Specifically, I'd like to know where the field hospital was - near the castle? In the large grandstands/hotel complex?

Also, there are stories that some crews took their vehicles out on the track. Did that actually happen (it makes you wonder what the lap record is for Sherman)?

Were there any troopers who understood the significance of the place?

I'd like to write an article about this piece of history for the BMW Car Club of America magazine. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

Armor leads the way!

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