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240) Keith Dominick 
Maryland Location
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 11:46 Send E-mail


My name is Keith Dominick. I am a 30 year old career firefighter in
Maryland. On my off days I collect W.W. II items such as uniforms,
patches, helmets, hats, knives, etc... I have been collecting since the
age of 13 and am looking for items to add to my collection.

I prefer to obtain the items directly from the veteran or the family if
possible. This way i have a name, face, and stories to go with the
item. This makes it more interesting to me and also helps to keep that veterans
experiences around for as long as possible. If you or anyone that you know
has any items that they would like to have a good home and be
appreciated, please feel free to contact me by e mail.

Thank you for your great service to our country,

Keith Dominick

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