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2464) John Mustarde 
Paris, Texas Location
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Sunday, December 14, 2014 21:40 Send E-mail

Anyone with memoirs of serving with Robert Mustarde (Bob), or family familiar with my dad Bob, would be welcome contacts. Robert Mustarde served in the 41st Tank Batallion of the 11th Armored as a tank driver. He is mentioned once in the article on this website entitled "A-41st Tank Battalion" as the tank driver serving with "S/Sgt Decker of the second platoon", during the incident at the next small village shortly after his company passed thru Wehr.

I would like to know which command he served with (CCA, CCB or CCR)and his rank and platoon and anything else of small or large import. All I have is a few photos of him and some buddies in the few days after war's end before they were shipped home.

He served as the President of the 11th Armored association for 1991. He is listed as from San Antonio, but he never lived there; during most of his years in Texas he lived in Fort Worth, on the west side just off Camp Bowie Boulevard, a few yards from the former site of the big WWI Army facility called Camp Bowie.

Dan O'Brien Send E-mail Tuesday, December 16, 2014 19:13
Your dad did serve in Company A, 41st Tank Battalion. During combat, the 41TK was assigned to Combat Command A, under the command of General Willard Holbrook. I do not know his rank, but presume he was a sergeant.

Anthony Sterlacci Send E-mail Tuesday, August 2, 2016 11:29
Hi, my grandfather was Thomas Sterlacci. He was the driver for the company commander in company A of the 41st tank battalion. Perhaps they knew each other.

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