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2788) Tom Majdic 
Wyoming Location
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Friday, September 7, 2018 19:15 Send E-mail

I am wondering if there would be any interest in a legacy group reunion next year (August 2019). Next year will be 10 years since the last reunion. Something informal and lasting one or two days. I would enjoy a discussion regarding the possibility.

Heidi Lerner Send E-mail Wednesday, November 7, 2018 16:06
I would be very interested. My father, Robert Goldberg (d. 1974) was a member of the 11th Armored Division, 42nd Battallion, compny C. He fought in the Battle of the Budge, down the Rhine into Austria and helped liberate the Mauthausen Concentration. He was with the US army in GEmunden after the war.

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