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2855) Paul Schroeder 
Florida Location
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Thursday, February 20, 2020 20:09 Send E-mail

My father was with the 133rd Armored Ordnance Maintenance Battalion. He was Technical Sergeant 4th Class, Ervin "Paul" Schroeder. I've come to this site often over the years to look at the various offerings, and I just wanted to offer my compliments. The division is often overlooked in the history of 3rd Army's campaign in the ETO. I was fortunate enough to visit Bastogne in December 2016, and I did some map reconnaissance, and realized the house we had rented was right in the 11th AD's area of operations. It was amazing to see the battlefield the ways those guys saw it - frozen, yet there was water flowing everywhere under the snow. Dad was evacuated in January or February 1945 with severe frostbite on both legs. He managed to talk the doc in to not amputating his legs, but he did not like the cold after that! Just thought I would share.

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