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309) CPT Fred Nace 
Prague, Czech Republic Location
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Thursday, February 10, 2005 13:48 Send E-mail

I am Captain Fred Nace, US Army and am assigned for one year to US Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic. I am attempting to coordinate the participation of our military members in all of the wonderful events commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the liberation of Western Bohemia,Czechoslovakia during April and May 2005.

I cannot coordinate individual plans for veterans wishing to attend, but I would like to contact those who plan to attend. A list of known events will soon be posted at the embassy website ( and some information is already available on a sight by the city of Plzen (Pilsen) (

One of the things I will do is compile a list of those planning to attend and forward them updates to the activities as we receive information, especially those functions where the Czech people have indicated they want to host American veterans. Also, the Czech government does plan to issue a commemorative medal to veterans of the liberation. This is not a US Government project, but I am able to help coordinate a ceremony for those who will be in the Czech Republic. All others must wait until the Czech government decides how to issue the medal.

To that end, I ask you to forward this message to all of your members and friends who participated in the WW II liberation or occupation of Czechoslovakia. This would apply to personnel serving in the following 3 US Army units (and their subordinates) after April 1945:
5th US Corps
12th US Corps
1st Infantry Division
2d Infantry Division
5th Infantry Division
26th Infantry Division
90th Infantry Division
97th Infantry Division
4th Armored Division
9th Armored Division
11 Armored Division
16th Armored Division
8th Air Army
9th Air Army
15th Air Army

and occupation forces:
22d US Corps
79th Infantry Division
94th Infantry Division
8th Armored Division

Please contact me at

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable time. I look forward to working with you and hope that you will be able to participate in the ceremonies.


CPT Fred Nace

Q Madp Sunday, March 27, 2005 18:51
You have a great website!! Keep it up. We must not forget our men and women that gave their all.
To some they are just Iraq war casualties but to many of us they are Iraq War Heroes.
Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away
Dedicated To Our Fallen Iraq War Heroes
Dedicated To Our Vietnam War Heroes

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