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383) Lothar Guenther 
Suhl, Germany Location
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Monday, March 14, 2005 20:33 Send E-mail

There were heavy casualties when soldiers of the 11th Armored Division liberated my home town of Schleusingen in (Thuringia/Th?ringen) from Nazi rule in April 1945. Sixty years have now passed and I have written a book, "When the Amis Came.... tracing the route of the 11th Armored Division betweenn the Werra River and the Rennsteig Hills." The book will appear on the German market in April, has 192 pages with ISBN 3-930588-62-2. This German language book can be ordered from the publishers at It is based on materials found on the 11th Armored homepage along with reports from German units and eyewitnesses from the Schleusingen area. My own personal vivid memories are included. The book describes combat operations west of the Thuringian Forest. I am interested not so much in the military operations of both sides, rather, to show the aspects of the war that were tragic for both sides. On this occasion I would like to thank all the members of the 11th Armd. Div. Association who contributed so readily to the writing of my book. Special thanks go to Editor Dan O'Brien.

Lothar Guenther

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