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43) William Harris 
Colorado Springs Location
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Saturday, May 15, 2004 23:20 Send E-mail

I am pleased to find you web site. I was born in Abilene Tx (1939) and my father managed the Abilene State Park near Camp Barkeley during the war. I remember the soldiers from the camp coming to the park for R&R after maneuvers. They would park their jeep, tanks, halftracks, ect. in an area adjacent the park pavilion. On one such occasion my brother, who was 6 years older than I, were watching the convoy roll by when a tank pulled up and a soldier stuck his head out of the hatch and ask us if we wanted a ride. I was really excited and wanted to go but my brother was somewhat shy and would not go and I could not go without him. Boy I would loved to have taken a ride in that tank!

When the soldiers came to the park my father let them in to the pool for free.
There was a dance pavilion with a Wurlitzer jukebox and the soldiers loved to come on weekends when they could and dance with the local teenage girls. My teenage sister pulled lifeguard duty at the pool.

Would love to hear from any Camp Barkeley vets that remember the State Park.

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