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476) tory vardanega 
vale, OR Location
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Tuesday, April 5, 2005 10:54 Send E-mail

My name is tory Vardanega my grandfather is Roy Vardanega he served in the 22nd tank bitallion. I was very proud of him. I never really appricated what he did for me untill I wrote a paper on WWII. He was my her just as all of the people who fought to save so many are too. It makes me angry that this country dose not do more to remember you guys. I have recently won a scholorship from our local VFW. My grandfather passed away last May. I wish I would have asked more questions there is soo much I want to know so if any one has any information on the 22nd or my grandfather pleas e-mail me.

with great apprication,
Tory Vardanega

Kristen Vardanega Wednesday, May 17, 2006 21:18
Hi my name is Kristen Vardanega! i seriously have the same last name as you! i dont even know you. do you know a Fousto Vardanega? he is my grandfather. i am 12 years old and just googled my last name so ya...
i am not sure i have any 411 about ur grandfather though.
thanks a ton,
Kristen Vardanega

Donna Kahen Tuesday, June 29, 2010 01:26
I'm the daughter of a Vardanega also. There are several Vardanega's in St. Louis. My grandfather was Anthony V. of St. Louis. He had 2 sons that served in WWII. I knew one but he was not Roy. The 2 brothers lived for a time in Detroit.

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