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477) Jeff Patrick 
Missouri Location
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 12:52 Send E-mail

Hello--I am searching for any information on James Stuart Butler, a native of Jersey City, New Jersey who served in Company C, 42nd Tank Battalion from 1942-45. I am editing his letters for possible publication and would like to correspond with anyone who knew him. I would also like to correspond with any veterans of the 42nd who are willing to answer questions and share their experiences. In this small way I hope to honor James Butler and the other members of the 11th A.D. for their service. Thank you!

Elizabeth Shoemaker Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:34
Jeff- My father was in C company of the 42 Tank Battalion. I have a list of men in his unit and James Stuart Butler is on the list. My father talked little of the war and passed away in 2002. However, your posting says you may publish your letters. I am trying to get any and all info to see if anyone mentions knowing MY father. Can you let me know if the letters you have did mention my father, Palmer J. Dieckmann? Did you ever publish the letters? Please email me and give me an update on how that is going. Thanks Elizabeth Shoemaker

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