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478) Joel Tyler 
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Friday, April 15, 2005 13:06 Send E-mail

My name is Joel Tyler and I am a Lieutenant Colonel of Armor in the Regular Army. My uncle was Bill Pickett, past president of the Association (1985) and a member of D/41 CAV. I used to pore over his 11 AD book as a kid, and that probably set me on this path; the picture of Uncle Bill riding that M-8 through the gates of Mauthausen has stuck with me ever since. I had an opportunity while stationed in Germany to visit the cemetery in Ham, Luxembourg and took pictures of the headstones of some 41st CAV guys (e.g., Tony Rossi). We had a wonderful (if tough) time reminiscing about the friends he had lost during the war and since. If anyone has any anecdotes to share about the rough old farmer from Arkansas, I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks for the website, it is a wonderful way for rest of the world to appreciate what you've done for all of us. God bless.

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