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585) Sven-Erich Czernik 
D 53489 Sinzig, Germany Location
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Sunday, June 5, 2005 06:46 Send E-mail

Hallo to all members of 11th US Armored Division!
I live in Sinzig, on the banks of Rhine River, Germany, between Remagen and Andernach, where 11th Armored Divison reached the Rhine on March 09, 1945, and had to fight through the streets of Andernach till March 11.
Im am a teacher at Kurf?rst-Salentin-Gymnasium, Andernach (btw, also a reserve officer of the German Air Force) and I have lead a project in my school about the german rearmament in 1955, since the town of Andernach literally became the cradle of the german Bundeswehr only 10 years after your appearance on the Rhine. The photos from your website proved very helpful, and they did attrack a lot of attention on our public presentation which took place yesterday.

The local historian Wolfgang G?ckelhorn has published a book "Das Ende am Rhein" (The End on the Rhine), Helios-Verlag, Aachen 2005; 29,70 Euro; in which he describes the end of WW II in the area between Remagen (Ludendorff Bridge!) and Andernach. Excellent work, many good maps and photos!

With best wishes from Germany
Sven-Erich Czernik

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