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41st Tank Battalion, Company D
Combat Diary


We who returned from war, as able men, were fortunate beyond compare. We could live out our lives. Yet so many of us did not return. As this New Century unfolds what should we say to those who gave their "Full Measure"?

To all of you we left behind, you are not forgotten, you were our friends, our comrades. We became part of each others lives as we trained and then fought We became a team of brothers. When we were far from home and away from all that we held dear, we learned what it meant to rely on each other. But none knew how close we became until the first blood flowed. It was not easy to see you taken from the field of battle. Our grief and shock were numbing. Though you fell we pushed on. Now today we bow our heads in remembrance and mourning. There can be no finer calling than to help ones country when it is in need. This we all did but you gave all you had. Your lives were given for this nation and its people. We proudly say it was not in vain. Our wonderful land is still free. All those loved ones who have lived out their lives since you were taken from them have done so in peace, liberty, and dignity and have enjoyed the life you would wish them to have. What more can we say to you, our brothers? May you sleep in Gods arms, content in knowing that you preserved the greatest and finest country the world has ever known.

In remembrance to all the men of Company D 41st Tank Battalion, those who came back and enjoyed the pursuit of happiness and those who gave their lives so many years ago that others might enjoy the pursuit of happiness. The names of unsung heroes are soon forgotten but their deeds are forever enshrined in the heart and soul of a free people.

We, two comrades in arms, stand at attention in reverence before you. We salute you.

Frederick F. (Mac) McCarthy and Manley Boss
D Company 41st Tank Battalion
August 15, 2002


41st Tank Battalion, Company D
Combat Diary

24 December 1944
Departed Dauville, France 0700. Arrived Soissons, France 2000.

25 December 1944
Attack by enemy planes 0300. No damage or casualties. Departed Soissons 2220 under blackout conditions. Pfc. Leavitt, Pvts. Nipple and Wolf on detail with 2nd Lt. Dewar to Reims and are not with the company. Arrived Baalons 0800. All vehicles present. Morale good.

26 December 1944
Leavitt, Nipple and Wolf rejoined the company. Second Platoon under Lt. Burrows departed 2400 for vicinity of Le Courdes Rois. Enemy parachutists reported.

27 December 1944
Second Platoon rejoined company 0800. Third Platoon under Lt. Smith departed for Le Petite 1800. Report enemy parachutists infiltrated, air attack and bombings at 2145. No damage or casualties.

28 December 1944
Third Platoon rejoined company 0700. First Platoon under Lt. Norman departed 1800 for patrol of nearby vicinity.

29 December 1944
First Platoon rejoined company 0700. Company alerted for move 0200. Departed Baalons 0730, arrived Longlier 2200.

30 December 1944
Company committed to action 0500. Encountered enemy 0730. Pfc. Charles R. Huerner killed in action near Lavaselle, Belgium.

31 December 1944
Company still engaging the enemy. Fighting hard, weather cold. Captain Grover Netherton received back injury when girder fell in Battalion CP because of shelling. 1st Lt. Robert J. Huddlestone assumes command. T/4 Glen McKnight received injury in right leg from shrapnel.

1 January 1945
Company still in action. Pvt. Kenneth Nipple received shrapnel wounds in leg and arm.

2 January 1945
Company still in action near Lavaselle, Belgium. Sgt. Robert L. Smith evacuated with trench foot. Pfc. Angus Gillespie received a broken finger when a turret hatch fell on it.

3 January 1945
Company still engaging the enemy. Pvt. Eugene King evacuated because of frozen hand. Our company has not lost a vehicle yet.

4 January 1945
Company withdrawn from action to Bercheux for rest and maintenance.

5 January 1945
Company is resting in Bercheux. Lodged in available buildings and homes of civilians. Company losses so far include one KIA and six evacuated as wounded. Company strength as of 1100 is 4 Officers and 83 enlisted men. Promotions: T/5 OToole to Sergeant; T/4 Heitz to T/5; Pfc. Heinberg to T/5; Pvt. Jones to T/5; and Pvts. Styers, Rostomily, and Peterson to Pfc.

6 - 11 January 1945
Company is still at Bercheux resting and performing maintenance. Company is being held in tactical reserve.

12 January 1945
Company alerted for move. Captain Netherton came back to duty from the 6th Convalescent Hospital at Metz. Assumed command of Company with Lt. Huddlestone relieved. Company departed from Bercheux, Belgium 2030, arrived Villeroux 0830.

13 January 1945
Departed from Villeroux 1330 arrived three kilometers north of Bastogne 1530.

14 January 1945
Company committed to action at Foy, Belgium 0830. T/4 Charles E. Heitz seriously wounded by shrapnel in head and neck. Sgt. Tettos 37mm was sheared off by an enemy shell.

15 January 1945
Company in action near Houffalize, Belgium. No personnel or vehicle casualties.

16 January 1945
Pfc. Chester Kraeblen and Pvt. James J. Walsh killed in action. Sgt. Chester A. Pietka evacuated seriously wounded by shrapnel in the shoulder. Cpl. John W. Hailton and Pve. Natan Rabinowitz received shrapnel wounds but returned to company after medical treatment. Capt. Netherton evacuated; Lt Huddlestone assumes command.

17 January 1945
Company relieved from action twelve kilometers south of Houffalize at 1700. Pfc. Agner V. Peterson evacuated for frozen feet. Company resting and performing maintenance at Hemroulle, Belgium.

18 January 1945
Pfc. Kessler evacuated for frozen feet. Pvts. Tabino, Donzelli, Stein, Ruvola, and Cottrell assigned from HQ 41st Tank Battalion as reinforcements. Company strength four officers and 81 enlisted men.

19 January 1945
Company resting and performing maintenance awaiting further orders. T/4 Benedict Porzondek evacuated for running ear.

20 January 1945
Company alerted at 1200. Departed for vicinity of Noville 1630, arrived at 1800.

21 January 1945
Company awaiting orders.

22 January 1945
Company in attack position two kilometers east of Noville.

23 January 945
Company awaiting orders. Pvt. Bernier assigned as reinforcement.

24 January 1945
Company departed bivouac area 0900, arrived Bercheaux, Belgium at 1300 for rest and maintenance.

25 - 27 January 1945
Company resting and performing maintenance. Pvt. Eugene King returned to the Company from 7th replacement Depot.

28 January 1945
Weather is very cold and it is snowing. Battalion formation at 1230. Brigadier General Kilburn presented Sgt. Paul R. Bryant with a Bronze Star for heroic action near Lavaselle, Belgium.

29 January 1945
Company resting and performing maintenance.

30 January 1945
T/4 Lester L. Winn evacuated and Pfc. Angus L. Gillespie returned to Company from 79th Replacement Depot.

31 January - 6 February 1945
Company resting and performing maintenance.

7 February 1945
Company departed Bercheaux 0700, arrived Leithum, Luxembourg 1800.

8 February 1945
Company in support, no physical contact with the enemy. Sporadic artillery fire received in vicinity. T/4 Lester Winn returned to Company. Six reinforcements joined Company. Strength - 88 Enlisted men, four Officers.

9 February 1945
Company still in support. No actual contact with the enemy. Sporadic artillery being received in vicinity.

10 - 11 February 1945
Company still in support. Arthur Hamilton joined crew of Tank #13 which was nicknamed "Damdfyno"

12 February 1945
Company relieved of mission and ordered to withdraw to Bensfield, Luxembourg. Arrived 1430, but received orders to return to initial position. Returned to Leithum at 1530.

13 - 18 February 1945
Company still in support.

19 February 1945
Pfc. Robert J. Rainwater evacuated for eye injury.

20 February 1945
Pfc. Daniel U. Hoerr evacuated for frozen feet.

21 February 1945
2nd Lt. Robert L. Smith promoted to 1st Lt.

22 February 1945
Company still in support.

23 February 1945
Departed Leithum 0900, arrived Bensfield 0940 (in reserve)

24 - 27 February 1945
Company being held in reserve, performing maintenance. Taking white paint from tanks.

28 February 1945
Company left Bensfield, Luxembourg 0820, arrived Hontheim, Germany 1230. Weather cold and cloudy.

1 March 1945
Company in an assembly area.

2 March 1945
Pfc. Rainwater rejoined Company from 81st Medical Battalion. Pvt. Anthony Violante evacuated to the 81st with a bad cold. Four reinforcements received by company: Cpls. Wilford St. Germain and Cecil Williams; and Pvts. Paul Tomlinson and Corbitt Walker. Company strength; 90 EM and four officers.

3 March 1945
Company left bivouac area 0820, arrived in assembly area one mile northwest of Prum 0945. Moved through Prum to attack position 1400. Contacted enem and drove him back three miles.

4 March 1945
Company left Fleringen, Germany 0800, attacked wooded area 2000 yards east of Wallesheim. Took 14 prisoners. No casualties.

5 March 1945
Company in holding position 1500 yards east of Wallesheim, Germany. First Sergeant Albert E. Kay evacuated to 81st Medical Battalion with trench foot. Eight reinforcements assigned to Company.

6 March 1945
Company drove forward five miles to the Kyll River, captured six PWs. Sgt Edward L. Robinson evacuated to the 81st Medical Battalion when a snipers bullet hit him in the right hand.

7 - 8 March 1945
Company moved across Kyll River and continued pushing the enemy back at a very rapid pace.

9 March 1945
Company arrived in Burgbrohl almost out of gasoline. Third Platoon were the firs Americans into the town. At 1030 the First and Third Platoons went on patrol to Wasssenach,l picking up 55 PWs.

10 March 1945
Company went on patrol to Wehr. T/4 Lester Winn and Pvt. Nelson L. Barksdale evacuated to 81st Medical Battalion.

11 March 1945
Company went on patrol to Wehr.

12 March 1945
Company left Burgbrohl, Germany 0730, arrived at Wehr 0950. Distance traveled six kilometers.

13 March 1945
Company performed maintenance all day. Corbitt Walker was evacuated with trench foot and Pfc. Barksdale returned to Company.

14 - 15 March 1945
Company performing maintenance on vehicles.

16 March 1945
Company left Wehr at 2100.

17 March 1945
Company moved across Moselle River at 1230 after a blackout march. Artificial moonlight was used. Lt. Whalen J. Norman evacuated to 81st Medical Battalion. Company arrived at Hahn, Germany 1830. Third Platoon attached to B Company 21st Armored Infantry Battalion for support.

18 March 1945
Company left Hahn 0830, arrived at Kirn 2000. Third Platoon still with the Infantry.

19 March 1945
Company left Kirn 0600, arrived at Dorrmooschel, Germany at 1930. Third Platoon rejoined Company.

20 March 1945
Company left Dorrmoschel and arrived at Kleinniedessheim 1900 to guard Division Trains.

21 March 1945
Company left Kleinniedessheim 0730 and arrived at Worms 1430. Company strength 86 EM and three officers.

22 March 1945
Company in holding position in Worms. Ran night patrols to keep streets clear of civilians and trucks. Performed personnel and vehicular maintenance.

23 March 1945
Ran patrols through Worms at night. Performed maintenance.

24 March 1945
Rainy weather today. Company still at maintenance work.

25 March 1945
Company left Worms at 1130, arrived at Framersheim, Germany 1330. distance traveled sixteen miles. Road good, weather fair, morale high. Kitchen truck wrecked about 20 miles south of Worms on night of March 24 and was evacuated for repair.

26 - 27 March 1945
Performed maintenance all day. T/5 Jack E. Nelson, Pfc. Wallace L. Richardson, and Pfc. Harry Riblet joined Company from HQ 41st Tank Battalion.

28 March 1945
Company had a dry run on moving out. T/4 Llester winn rejoined Company. Pvt. Stoker, Pfc. Sayles, Pfc Semones, and T/4 Stevens joined Company from HQ 41st Tank Battalion. Pvt. Mc Kenzie transferred to Company from the 8th Armored Division.

29 March 1945
Company left Framersheim 0645, crossed the Rhine River 1400 at Opppenheim. Arrived in the vicinity of Hanau, Germany at 2000. Third Platoon attached to Company A 41st Tank Battalion. Remainder of Company guarding Division Trains.

30 March 1945
Company crossed Main River 0100, bivouacked in Hanau.

31 March 1945
Company left Hanau 1100, arrived at Nieder Seeman 1530. third Platoon relieved from attachment to A Company by First Platoon. Jet propelled enemy planes attacked area. Cpl. Lillis, T/5 Lopez, and Pvt. Nantz evacuated through 114th Clearing Station for wounds received by the air attack. Pvt. Martine received a broken arm when the 75mm gun of his tank hit a tee and the recoil caught his arm in the recoil guard. Company still guarding Division Trains.

1 April 1945
Company left Nieder Seeman 0100, arrived Lahebach 1400. S/Sgt. Roy Powers was wounded in the stomach and legs and Pfc. James T. Holeman was killed when their tank was hit by enemy bazooka. First Platoon still with A Company.

2 - 3 April 1945
Company stayed in service park guarding train.

4 April 1945
Company left Lahebach, Germany 0700, arrived at Springstille, Germany 1530. Distance 36 miles. Weather cloudy with light showers.

5 - 6 April 1945
Still guarding CCBs trains.

7 April 1945
Company left Springstille, arrived Belrieth 1530. Distance traveled twenty miles. Weather good, morale high. Third Platoon still attached to A Company 41st Tank Battalion. No one injured when a medium tank went into a ditch.

8 April 1945
Company performed maintenance and guard duty for CCBs Trains.

9 April 1945
Pvts. Proske, Sampson, Siebalander, and Spinazzola joined Company as reinforcements from the 41st Tank Battalion. Pvt. Ed Davis transferred to Service Company 41st Tank Battalion. Company strength is now three officers and 88 EM.

10 April 1945
Company still performing maintenance.

11 April 1945
Company left Belrieth 0730, arrived Hildburghausen 0830 Weahe fair and warm.

12 April 1945
Company left Hildburghausen 1600, arrived at Ebersdorf 1930. Distance traveled 24 miles. Still guarding CCBs Trains. Weather cloudy and morale high.

13 April 1945
Company left Ebersdorf 1500, arrived at Mainleus, Germay at 1830. enemy ammo dump blew up just southwest of bivouac area, no one injured. 1st Sgt. Albert Kay and T/4 glen McKnight rejoined the Company.

14 April 1945
The Company rejoined the Battalion. Third Platoon attached to CCBs Trains. Two enemy ME-109s were over our area. Later four more appeared and two of these were shot by our ack ack.

15 April 1945
Company performed maintenance all day. Two German ME-109s and one jet propelled plane were over our area. One bomb was dropped, but no one in our company was injured.

16 April 1945
Company still on maintenance break. First Sergeant Albert Kay evacuated with old case of trench foot. Pvts. Tate, Lytell, and Rossen assigned and joined Company from 17th Replacement Depot.

17 April 1945
Company left Mainleus 0800, arrived at Weidenberg 1400. Distance traveled 31 miles. Morale high and weather good. Third Platoon rejoined Company.

18 April 1945
Company left Weidenberg 2115, arrived at Bayreuth 2330. A tank overturned during the march killing Pfc. Robert T. Turner. Earlier in the day the Company took 15 PWs and Sgt. Jack Hickling sprained his wrist when he fell off his tank.

19 April 1945
Company left Bayreuth 0800, arrived at Grafenwohr 2000. Distance traveled 35 miles. Weather good, morale high. Not much resistance from the enemy. T/5 Walter Townsend evacuated to 81st Medical Battalion. Grafenwohr is the "Ft. Knox of Germany".

20 April 1945
Company in holding position at Grafenwohr.

21 April 1945
Company left Grafenwohr 1330, arrived at Kallenbrunn 1415. Traveled nine miles. Weather cloudy with slight showers.

22 April 1945
Company left Kallenbrunn 0700, arrived Schwarzanfeld 1400.

23 April 1945
Company left Schwarzanfeld 0730, arrived at Altermack 1630. 48 miles traveled. Good roads, but cloudy and rainy weather. Company captured one enemy air strip with about sixty planes intact. Two ME-109s were over our area. Both shot down by ack ack.

24 April 1945
Company left Altermack 0700, arrived at March, Germany at 1600. Distance traveled 34 miles. Road good, weather cloudy with light showers. Plenty of enemy snipers around. About five enemy planes were overhead. Only three flew away.

25 April 1945
Company left Marsh 0710, arrived at Bibereck 2100. Distance traveled 19 miles. Road hood, weather cloudy with slight showers. Planes were overhead again today. Three shot down.

26 April 1945
Company left Bibereck 1230, arrived at Waldkirchen 1800. Two enemy planes dropped bombs about 200 yards from our CP.

27 April 1945
Company in holding position at Waldkirchen. Pvt. Cherico rejoined Company from SD at the 151st Signal Company.

28 April 1945
Second Platoon went out to secure a position for the field artillery. Pfc. Daniel U. Hoerr rejoined company.

29 April 1945
Company left Waldkirchen 1730, arrived at Tannensteig 1845. Weather cloudy, plenty of mud.

30 April 1945
Company left Tannensteig 0730, arrived at Griesbach 1830. Weather cloudy with light showers. First Platoon guarding CCBs "A" Trains.

1 May 1945
Company left Griesbach, Germany 0700, arrived at Lembach, Austria 1800. distance traveled 23 miles weather cloudy with snow flurries. Strength - three officers and 93 enlisted men.

2 May 1945
Company in holding position in Lembach, Austria. Pvt. Estes evacuated when a tank ran over a telephone pole and hit him in the leg.

3 May 1945
Sgt. Paul R. Bryant promoted to Staff Sergeant. T/5 Frederick F. McCarthy promoted to Sergeant. Company, less First Platoon, left Lembach 0915 and arrived at Ob Neukirchen, Austria 2030. Distance traveled thirty miles. Weather cloudy with plenty of snow.

4 May 1945
Company left Ob Neukirchen at 1215 and arrived at Semling, Austria 1600. Distance traveled 26 miles. Weather good, morale high. First Platoon still guarding CCBs "A" Trains.

5 May 1945
Company, less First Platoon, in a holding position a Semling. Weather rainy.

6 May 1945
Company still holding Semling. Thousands of Germans are marching up the roads with white flags. Some are in trucks, some in cars, and even some artillery tank vehicles. SS Battalion surrendered with equipment to our Battalion.

7 May 1945
Company still in holding position. Still the surrendering Germans are coming down the roads.

8 May 1945
Pvt. Jones evacuated to 81st Medical Battalion. First Platoon rejoined the Company.

9 May 1945
Company left Semling 0830 and moved to a German garrison two miles east of Linz, Austria, arriving at 0900. Weather good, morale exceedingly high due to the surrendering of all German forces.

10 May 1945
Company performed maintenance on vehicles and personnel. Pfc. Dale Kessler rejoined Company and Pvt. Stringer joining Company. Third Platoon went on a patrol to Gallneukirchen from 2100 until 0500 11 May. 2nd Lt. Ellis joined Company.

11 May 1945
First Platoon went out with C Company 41st Tank Battalion to Gallneukirchen as outpost. Third Platoon went with A Company 41st Tank Battalion. Second Platoon had road patrol from 2100 to 0500
12 May. Company strength - four officers and 96 enlisted men.

12 May 1945
Company, less HQ Platoon, left German garrison two miles east of Linz Austria at 0830, arrived at Simling, Austria 0900. Road good, weather fine, morale high. Three platoons guarding approximately 5000 PWs.

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