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From: "JAMES POWER" <jpower2@midsouth.rr.com> 
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 20:24:51 -0500 

The two pictures were taken at Kuhlmbach, Germany fifty years apart. On our first trip, we had a long rest that I recall was the first in some time and the Army erred in leaving us in a town of many breweries whose basements
included more than beer. The second picture was taken in a similar location. Reading l.to r. ladies, Catharine O'Brien & Donna Waddle. Guys L.to r. Harmon Senn, Jr. whose father was killed in Luxembourg, me (Jim Power) and our illustrious leader, Frank Stout. Sorry that I cannot identify the others in the old photo. Joe Waddle probably took both pictures. Please, I'm holding a beer in my left hand for the photographer, but the right hand is a
glass boot as I recall. There just weren't enough Kulmbachs.

World War II era postcard Marvin Bishop

This was a Picture we came across that Frank Saunders had in his papers after he passed away a couple of weeks ago. I thought you might like it for the collection.  Sears Young

Photo of a plaque presented to the Association by Mauthausen survivor
Andrew Biczynski at the Valley Forge reunion

My grandfather Pfc. Marcus C. Harris served in the 11th Armored Division (3rd Army), 480th Motor Amb., Co. and just recently we received some pictures of him from our cousins that we never knew existed. One of these pics shows him overseas (possibly Belgium?) with his troop. I'd like to share this picture and to see if anyone recognizes any of the other 7 soldiers with my grandfather. Could you please advise where on the site I should post the picture and to make the inquiry to see if anyone knows these other men? Thanks so much.

Susan B. White

SEASONS GREETINGS" are conveyed by this card created in 1943 by 
T-5 Sylvester Ferro DIVHQ.   The Division was then engaged in desert
 maneuvers at Camp Ibis, California

I have this picture of my Grandfather, Raymond O. Hofmann. He was a member of Co.B 811TH TD Batt. The picture is from 1944 or 1945, possibly Belgium. He told me once the buildings other side was gone but the front made a descent picture.

I made a post in the guestbook couple of years ago #125 Jason Girard etc.. I got a copy of my Grandfathers discharge papers. Turns out he was at Normandy, Rhineland, N. France, Ardennes, Central Europe. 5 Bronze Stars, Good conduct medal etc.. 811th was attached to many units so not sure on some of that but still know more than what I did. Thanks again for the info you provided me with.

By the way I joined the U.S. Army in Nov 06 . ARNG.


The above photo pictures four generations of the family of 92 year old Holocaust survivor Anka Bergman. Her daughter, Eva Nathan Clarke, was born in Mauthausen Concentration Camp on April 29, 1945. They are shown in this 2009 photo with grandson Nick, and great grand daughter Matilda Eva. In the words of Mrs. Clarke "Without the 11th Armored Division, none of us would be here." Eva and Anka are Honorary Members of the 11th Armored Division Association. A link to Eva’s story "I Was Born in Mauthausen Concentration Camp" is posted in the "Our History" pages of the web site.