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In Memory of those men of the 11th Armored Division and Associated Units Who
gave their lives so that others may live in freedom


705TD Joseph Adams

705TD Arthur Benson

705TD Thomas Black

705TD James Carr

705TD Joseph Casino

705TD Stephen Cook

705TD Richard Cutler

705TD Walter Dauer Dec 23, 1944

705TD Glenn Ditto

705TD Michael Etchart

705TD Wesley Faulkenberry

705TD William Foreman

705TD Walter Gibbs

705TD Vernon Giessel

705TD Earl Goodwin

705TD Kermit Gunderson Dec 24, 1944

705TD Mason Harris

705TD James Hendee

705TD Edward Janquart

705TD Floyd Johnson

705TD Monroe Keziah

705TD Merwin Laddushire

705TD Alwin Lambert

705TD Frederick Mallon

705TD Charlie Mayeux

705TD Melborne Pawley

705TD Manuel Rivas

705TD Edward Schiffer

705TD George Schmidt

705TD Otto Sem

705TD John Smitha

705TD Wallace Stoffel

705TD John Stonefield

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