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In Memory of those men of the 11th Armored Division and Associated Units Who
gave their lives so that others may live in freedom


705TD Delbert Swartzell

705TD Clifford Templeton Mar 01, 1945

705TD Quentin Tollestrup

705TD Salomon Torrez

705TD Norman Treu

705TD Rudolph Voboril Jan 06, 1945

705TD Robert Wages

705TD Theodore Wagner

705TD Ted Warenkiewicz

705TD Herbert Werkhauser

705TD August Wirrig

A713FT Lloyd Moore

B713FT James Marsh

C713FT Edwin Bondel

C713FT Thomas Brandino

C713FT Gail Dewitt

C713FT Werner Krueger

C713FT Charles Lotti

C713FT Lewis Wohlgamauth

A778TK Michael Ford

B778TK Wallace Bagshaw

B778TK George Foy

B778TK Virgil Gates

B778TK Steve Mitan

B778TK Gerald Sutten

B778TK James Westmoreland

B778TK Harvey Wittingen

C778TK Frank Fazekas

C778TK Edward Fennel

C778TK William Hottenstein

C778TK Fred McComas

C778TK Marion Richardson

C778TK Harvey Tull

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